Monday, May 25, 2009


Najib: Don't abuse the 1Malaysia concept
PETALING JAYA: The 1Malaysia concept should not be misused by anyone to make extreme or unreasonable demands on the government.

Murugiah 'is new president'
PUTRAJAYA: Sacked People's Progressive Party supreme councilmember Senator Datuk T. Murugiah was "elected" party president at anextraordinary general meeting here yesterday.

Sex and drugs rake in billions
THEsex trade reaped in more than RM3 billion last year. It is estimatedthat the number of prostitutes in the country is about 150,000 withmore than 10,000 operating in the Klang Valley.

Social climbers pay big sums for dubious titles
IT’Sback. Title-obsessed Malaysians are again falling for offers of titlesand awards from an unrecognised — and very likely fictitious —sultanate in Mindanao in the Philippines.

Respect judicial system and let law take its course, says PM
PETALING JAYA: Respect the judicial system and let the law of the country take its course, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

PM: Don’t misuse 1Malaysia to make demands
PETALINGJAYA: The 1Malaysia concept should not be misused by anyone as it ismeant to foster greater unity, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib TunRazak.

Extended loan repayment on appeal
KUALALUMPUR: Borrowers with agencies under the Agriculture and Agro-BasedIndustry Ministry have been asked to pay up even if it is a mere RM50 amonth.

MCA school for reps
CAMERON HIGHLANDS: The MCA will draft a learning module to train its local councillors.

American missing after sea collision
KUANTAN: An American man has gone missing after a yacht and a fishing trawler collided off the coast of Kuantan early yesterday.

Grooming top golfers
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is aiming to nurture young golfers to be world-class players.

Umno: Crisis won’t hurt BN in Manek Urai
SHAHALAM: The Perak crisis will not adversely affect Barisan Nasional’schances of winning the Manek Urai by-election in Kelantan, said Umnoinformation chief Ahmad Maslan.

Nizar surrenders his Camry to state secretariat
IPOH:Former Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin hassurrendered his official Toyota Camry car to the state secretariat.

Cops justify raid on DAP HQ
PETALING JAYA: The police have denied acting beyond their jurisdiction when they raided the DAP headquarters on Saturday.

Siblings remanded over maid’s death
PETALINGJAYA: Police have obtained a five-day remand order for two siblings, awoman and a man aged 28 and 30, to assist in investigations into thedeath of their Indonesian maid.

Probe into Nurin link
PETALINGJAYA: An impotent husband who was detained for forcing cucumbers andbrinjals into his wife’s private parts is now under investigation bySelangor police on a possible link to the murder of eight-year-oldNurin Jazlin Jazimin in 2007.

Murugiah is PPP ‘president’
PUTRAJAYA:The People’s Progressive Party was plunged into chaos when Datuk T.Murugiah, who had earlier been expelled from the party, was elected asits new “president” by about 1,760 supporters in what they claimed wasan extraordinary general meeting here.

Natives get restless in PNG
Locals of Papua New Guinea, angry with decades of exploitation, corruption andillegal logging by foreigners, are turning to violence to show their displeasure.

MPs join rally to condemn killing of civilians in Sri Lanka
KUALALUMPUR: Tamil MPs from both sides of the political divide joined handswith hundreds of people in Batu Caves to condemn the killing of Tamilcivilians in the war in northern Sri Lanka.

Girl dies in freak mishap
ALOR SETAR: A three-year-old girl died after being run over by a car driven by her cousin, in Jalan Kundur, Sungai Korok, here.

Kelantan Umno to test strength
KOTABARU: Kelantan Umno will throw everything into the Manek Uraiby-election as it will be a test of the party’s current strength, saidstate party chief Datuk Mustapa Moha- med.

Tycoon decides not to build Bintangor TAR college
KUCHING:Sarawak tycoon Tan Sri Ting Pek Khiing has decided not to build theproposed Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) College branch campus in Bintangor inthe central region.

Hold induction courses here, say employers
PETALINGJAYA: Employers want induction courses for foreign workers to be heldin Malaysia rather than to let them be run by trainers in the countriesof origin.

Cop shoots woman in lovers’ spat
IPOH: A police constable allegedly shot a woman’s arm by accident after the two had a lovers’ spat at a hotel parking lot here.

PKR tells candidate to lodge reports
BUKITMERTAJAM: Independent candidate Aminah Abdullah has been urged to lodgereports with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the ElectionCommission if she has been offered money not to contest in the Penantiby-election.

Poachers nabbed in Perak reserve
IPOH: Three out of seven animal poachers, all Cambodians, were caught at the Bintang Hijau Forest Reserve in Ulu Lawin, Gerik.

Kerosene price now RM1 a litre
MIRI:Kerosene, which is still being used by rural folk in Sarawak forcooking purposes, will be sold at RM1 per litre, down from RM3.57.

Politican’s son caught with narcotics
KOTABARU: Police have arrested the son of a politician from Machang andseized 1,176 psychotropic pills worth RM50,000 found in his car.

No 41st anniversary celebration for Gerakan
PETALING JAYA: Gerakan will not organise a single event to mark its 41st anniversary today.

TM’s green programme: 10 chosen to work from home to cut travel, time and money
KUALALUMPUR: A pilot programme that allows employees to work from home hasbeen introduced by Telekom Malaysia Bhd in a move to make the groupmore “environment-friendly.”

Higher taxi and bus rates to go before Cabinet
KUALAKANGSAR: New bus and taxi fares will be presented to the Cabinet forapproval next week, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s DepartmentDatuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz.

‘Chang’ making event unites people
KUALALUMPUR: Those who could not return to their hometowns to celebrate thedumpling festival were still able to enjoy in the festivities at adumpling-making event at Shaw Parade here.

Build green homes, developers told
KOTAKINABALU: Housing developers must do their part in helping stop climatechange by designing buildings which are energy-efficient.

Job opportunities and management talk at Studio V
PETALING JAYA: Are you looking for a career in radio broadcasting, retail, steel manufacturing or pharmaceutical line?

50 homes in five villages damaged in thunderstorm
TANGKAK: About 50 homes in five villages near here were damaged by thunderstorms which hit Serom and Bukit Gambir.

Generous Malaysians pledge to help orphaned grandsons
IPOH:Seamstress Yin Nam Mooi, 71, hopes to be able to rest and enjoy hertwilight years now that generous Malaysians have made financial pledgesto help her two orphaned grandsons.

16 do not have A (H1N1) virus
PUTRAJAYA: All 16 patients, who were admitted to designated influenza A hospitals for a 24-hour observation, have been cleared.

SMK Bukit Jambul grabs top prize
GEORGETOWN: The air-conditioning system at the Queensbay Mall failed to stopbeads of sweat from forming on 17-year-old Yeoh Sengming’s forehead ashe put the final touches on his model – a wind-powered carousel thatcan carry four objects.

A wedding in the afterworld
A SPECIAL “wedding ceremony” was held in Segamat on Saturday. Both the bridegroom and bride were dead.

‘Cincai’ couples with illegitimate children
SOME Malay couples are earning themselves the monicker cincai – Hokkien for not fussy – for their loose morals, reported Metro Ahad.

Constitutional courts needed to solve issues
TAMIL Nesanreported on the importance of setting up constitutional courts in thecountry to solve issues and challenges faced in the country now.

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